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· Volume 3 (2006)

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Contributors. The editor welcomes manuscripts in English on any aspect of the ancient, medieval, or modern civilian tradition. Editorial correspondence should be addressed to Prof. Ernest Metzger, School of Law, University of Glasgow, Glasgow G12 8QQ, United Kingdom. Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail via the address below. Manuscripts should not be submitted concurrently to another journal. In the first instance, manuscripts need not observe a particular citation style. On acceptance, contributors will be asked to provide a manuscript complying with the journal's guidelines. Guidelines apart, contributors should be aware that manuscripts that, in the editor's judgment, are unsuited to the subject matter of the journal, or are in an unfinished condition, are not considered for further review.

On publication, the journal grants to the contributor a non-exclusive right to reproduce, transmit, and distribute the work in its final typographical arrangement, in any medium, for any non-commercial purpose, including the uploading of an electronic version to an academic electronic repository. There is no author fee.

Peer review is undertaken by the journal's Board of Editors. Manuscripts are made available to the whole of the Board, and are assigned to two members of the Board for review. Before publication, a manuscript must receive the approval of those two members, and will not be published over the objection of any member of the Board. After acceptance, the editor, in collaboration with the contributor, typically recommends further improvements and corrections, in an effort to bring the manuscript to a high degree of polish and accuracy.

Publishers. Publishers of any book within the ambit of this journal may send a review copy to Prof Metzger at the address above. Please indicate that the book is submitted for review.

Advertisers. Organizations that wish to advertise on the journal's website should contact Prof Metzger at the address above.

Readers. All contents of the journal may be downloaded free of charge from this website. In addition, all articles and reviews are available to subscribers of HeinOnline. Although the journal no longer appears in print, back issues of Volumes Two and Three are available from, via the links to the left. For the availability of back issues of Volume One, please enquire at the address below. The cost of all back issues is USD12 per issue.

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Roman Legal Tradition


The Ames Foundation at the Harvard Law School and the University of Glasgow School of Law

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First publication

2002 (Volume 1)




Roman Legal Tradition is an Open Access Journal with contents supplied via

  • The Roman Legal Tradition website (free of charge)
  • HeinOnline (to subscribing institutions)


Roman Legal Tradition is a peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated to the civilian tradition in ancient, medieval, and modern law.


Publication history

The following volumes were published (in print) by the Roman Law Society of America at the University of Kansas School of Law, under the print ISSN 1551- 1375.

  • Volume 1 (2002)
  • Volume 2 (2004)
  • Volume 3 (2006)

The full content of these volumes is available on open access.

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